Why Choose Waipaoa

We are Sheep and Beef

At Waipaoa, we are specialists in sheep and beef. That’s it – we don’t mix our disciplines. We’ve proudly dedicated our station to educating and shaping the people who will shape the future of beef and lamb farming in New Zealand. At Waipaoa, we’re growing the leaders of New Zealand’s red meat production.

We Value our Individuals

We have kept our class sizes at Waipaoa small. We believe this offers a distinct advantage for students to be actively engaged in all areas of life at Waipaoa. It also provides many additional academic and practical farming skill learning opportunities at a truly individual level.

With only five students accepted each year, our size also enables students to interact and quickly develop solid professional relationships and a cooperative spirit that they will take with them into their future careers.

The smaller class sizes also offer greater opportunities for Waipaoa staff to provide additional pastoral care and leadership on a more individual basis – we care about our students and take the responsibility of their care seriously.

We Keep it Real

We believe our station size balances the practical and academic nature of farming. Our students graduate as skilled work-ready young farmers who have experienced the running of a successful commercial sheep and beef station and know the theoretical rationale behind it.

While we have a keen eye on the future, we never forget our roots. Waipaoa’s farming traditions have been established over many generations and, while the station has moved with the times and champions innovation, there is a distinct respect for the tradition and institution that is New Zealand farming.

We Know our Stuff

In farming terms, we’re only young. But, since we started in 2007, we’ve achieved a lot.

Our training methods are award-winning. We are committed to, and focused on, teaching our students how to apply classroom theories in practical environments. We also focus on key competencies in business management areas so cadets can succeed in the all-important business aspects of farming.

Waipaoa students are constantly challenged to think about the purpose of their training, what they gain from their new skills, and how they can apply those skills to improve operation performance and efficiency. A winning combination in our books.

Our lecture facilities and student accommodation are all based at Waipaoa Station so we can better integrate both the practical and theoretical components of our training. All students study towards National Certificate qualifications as part of their two-year training programme at Waipaoa.

We want our cadets to be well-rounded, confident and educated to the highest level to support a better sheep and beef industry.

We’re all About Old Fashioned Commitment

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a leader in the sheep and beef industry, the cost of your education shouldn’t be a barrier to your success. At Waipaoa, our cadet programme is one of the most affordable in the country and various scholarships with our industry partners are also available to eligible cadets to further support their educational goals.

We Utilise Academic and Industry Expertise

At Waipaoa, we like to involve industry experts at every opportunity. This means working closely with our academic and industry partners and sponsors to give our students the best education possible from the most knowledgeable sources. Our industry partners help us deliver various programmes within the two year cadetship and proudly support our students throughout their Waipaoa journey.