Boarding charge

Cadets are charged an annual one off sum of $7500 plus GST to be paid before January 20 for each year of the cadetship. This money is allocated to the operational cost of running the cadet's hostel and cookhouse.

General costs

Under Health and Safety law, cadets need to have the items listed below and may require additional funds to purchase these. This is a guide only and subject to change. Please check with us prior to purchase.

1st year


  • Knife, sheath, belt.
  • Note book pouch.
  • Leather lace up work boots, 1x safety, 1x non safety.
  • Rain wear.

Note: For first year cadets a saddle is supplied but cadets may bring their own saddle and tack, subject to the training manager's approval.


  • Heading pup.
  • Dog registration.
  • Chain/clip/collar.

Vaccinations, worming and dog food is supplied and pups are sourced through trustworthy contacts in the dog trial circuit.

    2nd year


    • Dog registration.
    • Young, starting to run Huntaway - up to $1500.
    • Saddlery - $600 (S/H) up to $1800 new.

    Staff can advise on the purchase of dogs and saddlery once cadets are at Waipaoa.Vaccinations, worming and dog food is supplied.


      Cadets are classed as full time students studying concurrently and are eligible for $1000 toward course related costs, a student loan and a boarding allowance of up to $180 per week based on parental income earnings. The decision on these options is up to parents to action.

      Applicants are advised to wait until mid-January to fill out StudyLink documentation as official acceptance will not apply until the course is registered.

      Following enrolment onto the course in mid-January, we will confirm all the relevant details with StudyLink.

      If a cadet is applying for a living allowance, Waipaoa can supply verification that the course is residential. We can also supply a course costs summary, which can be used to apply for $1000 course related costs loan.

      For more information on StudyLink visit